A Day in the Life of a Court Reporter




“So what do you do?”

At some point we’ve probably all been asked, “So what do you do?” When I was solely a stay-at-home parent, I HATED that question because it was so hard to quantify every role I filled and to convey what an all-encompassing responsibility it was to be a stay-at-home parent.

I have had this same question in my mind about court reporters, not in an accusing way, but just a curiosity.

What DO court reporters do exactly, before proofreaders get the finished transcript?

Well, today I saw a great article on LinkedIn by Jeff Rusk, a court reporter in Tennessee. It’s called “The Court Reporter/Paralegal/Attorney Relationship” and addresses:

  • A Brief History of Court Reporting
  • Designations (CCR, LCR, etc.)
  • So What Does a Court Reporter Actually Do?
  • Compressed Transcripts and Electronic Files
  • Realtime
  • Video Synchronization

It is an excellent summary and I hope it will give some clarity to my fellow proofreaders and some well-deserved credit to all the court reporters who are working so diligently to make an excellent record. Check it out.

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