Fear, Courage, and Doing It Afraid



Ever since I saw these three words on the wall in a colleague’s office last week, they have stuck with me: Do it afraid. How many opportunities are waiting for us on the other side of fear?


This is certainly no treatise on fear or how to conquer it, but I have been pondering the fact that some things in life just have to be done regardless of how I feel. Adulthood, anyone? Doing what you really don’t want to do because it needs to be done is a sure sign of maturity, and one my husband models very well. He doesn’t dwell on what can go wrong or how he can avoid confrontation. He does. He takes action.


“The only real antidote to worry is purposeful action toward a predetermined goal or solution.” – Brian Tracy


If fear is something you struggle with (who doesn’t?), here is an excellent article by Brian Tracy called “The Courage to Take Action.” I’m not sure I agree with his opinion that “the root source of fear is childhood conditioning,” because some personalities seem predisposed to have a more fearful nature, but, as you’ll read in his article, courage can be learned.


“…when you avoid the things you fear, your fears grow until they begin to control every aspect of your life. And as your fears increase, your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your self-respect diminish accordingly.” – Brian Tracy


Whatever challenge you’re meeting today in parenting, business, relationships, physical health, keep moving forward. Keep doing it afraid.


God tells us over and over again not to fear. Here are 10 Bible verses that turn my focus from fear to faith

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