How to Change the Beginning Video Time in Express Scribe




Time-Saving Transcription Tip:

How to Alter the Beginning Video Time in Express Scribe

to Match the Embedded Beginning Time in a Video File


When a video file has its own embedded time code that doesn’t start at zero, are you tired of manually typing time codes in your transcription document? I am very excited to share a quick and easy tip with you that will save you so. much. time.



While working on the Transcribe Anywhere course, I was getting ready to try time coding with a video with a start time of 09:05:09, but the starting time on Express Scribe was, of course, 00:00:00. So inserting any time codes automatically would not match up with the actual elapsed time on the original video. And entering the time codes manually would be REALLY time-consuming.




After a little hunting in the Express Scribe menus, I found a simple way to delay the header time to match the elapsed video time.

  1. Select your video file in Express Scribe by clicking on it once.
  2. Go to File >Dictation Information
  3. For “Time Offset” enter the beginning video time (e.g., 09:05:08)
  4. Click OK.

Now you will notice that the time on the Express Scribe header matches that of the video. You’re done!




Have you found any other time-saving tips for transcriptionists?

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