Proofreading Rates

With any creative endeavor, excellence is truly in the details. One thing I have learned in my ongoing efforts to master verbatim punctuation is that punctuation is an art. And while rules abound in the many style guides available to us, many punctuation decisions are based upon personal preference. This is why I believe it is essential to keep a preference sheet on file for each of my clients and adapt to their style choices.


Proofreading includes…

In addition to capitalization, spelling, and punctuation, when proofreading I look for:

  • missing words
  • words out of context (e.g., principal/principle)
  • items misaligned on the title or exhibit pages
  • rogue misspellings of a person’s name
  • numbers beginning a line
  • dates broken at the end of a line
  • light research on attorney names and addresses, company names, etc.



Turnaround Rate Per Page
Normal3 business days$0.45
Rush/Weekendmore than 24 hours but
less than 3 business days
ā€“ or ā€“
weekend work
ASAP24 hours or less$0.85
Red-Eye ASAP8 hours or less*E-mail for quote.
Spot Check with AudioAdd $0.45 to base rate
Scoofing (Proofing with Full Audio)*E-mail for quote.
Add $0.10-$0.20 to base rate, based on difficulty
Very Poor EnglishAdd $0.10-$0.20 to base rate, based on difficulty
Rough Draft
(2+ errors average per page)
Add $0.10-$0.20 to base rate, based on number of errors

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