Thoughts on the new iAnnotate app – Part 1



I’ve been using iAnnotate PDF for about a year and just recently started using the new iAnnotate4 on a proofreading job. Here are some of my observations. I hope they will be helpful to you if you are on the fence about using the new version.




Below are the home screens of iAnnotate PDF (left) and iAnnotate4 (right). The search tool has moved from the left sidebar to the top right.


Photo Jul 27, 4 37 45 PM

Photo Jul 27, 4 38 13 PM

















Now you don’t have to take up room in your sidebar with the e-mail tool. There is a Mac share tool up in the top right corner, but you can only see it when a document is active/open.

Photo Jul 27, 7 10 10 PM

Photo Jul 27, 7 12 50 PM




Once you have a document open, you can click on the name of the document (red tab) and see the “Disable Auto-Save” option. Auto-save is automatically enabled when you start using the app.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot of apps open at any one time on the iPad. I love the double-press feature on the iPad’s home button that lets you scroll through everything that’s open on your iPad, but I was afraid if I swiped iAnnotate to move it out of the recent items, my open file would be lost.

I experimented by opening a blank PDF, making a notation on it, and double-pressing the home button. I then swiped the iAnnotate app upwards to move it out of the recent items. But iAnnotate did not ask me if I wanted to save my document before the file closed after I swiped! I opened iAnnotate again and the document was still there. When I click on the “x” by the file name (red tab), I have to choose to save the file or discard it. So, theoretically, you shouldn’t lose any unsaved files by mistake.


Dotted Box around Notations

After you make a text notation, a dotted box comes up around it so you can easily select it and move it if you need to. When selected, a text box is surrounded by a large red box, and text made into a stamp, by a smaller black box. I really like the large red box better; it’s easier to click on. Even other notations like underlining and pencil marks have the red box around them for easy navigation or deletion.


Canceling Stamps

One thing that annoys me, and I hope the developers will fix, is that if you start to insert a stamp and then change your mind, you have to click cancel AND then click the “x” to close out the stamp bar.

Photo Jul 27, 6 07 17 PM


Toggle & Page Shift

One awesome feature of iAnnotate is the Googling a word you have highlighted. If you Google with the Toggle Scroll Lock tool “unlocked,” when you return to iAnnotate from Google, the page shifts to the right and needs to be recentered to continue reading. I hope this will be fixed soon, too.



What is your opinion of the new iAnnotate4? Please comment below and share your experience with fellow users!

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